Heimeshoff v. Hartford Life & Accident Ins. Co

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court decided a very important case in the context of ERISA long term disability.  The plaintiff filed a claim for long term disability benefits, which was denied by the Hartford.  Almost three years after the denial, but more than three years after the date proof of loss was due under the Policy, the Plaintiff filed suit.  The Policy contained a contractual statute of limitation providing that suit must be filed within three years of the date proof of loss is required. The case made it up to the U.S. Supreme Court, which held The Plan’s limitation provision is enforceable.  Heimeshoff v. Hartford Life & Accident Ins. Co., ____ U.S. _____, No. 12- 729 (Dec. 16, 2013).  
The Court ruled that unless the contractual limitation period is unreasonably short or there is a “controlling statute to the contrary”, the limitation will be given effect.  In this case, the Court held the 3 year contractual statute of limitation was reasonable. The Court did not preclude the application of equitable tolling, waiver or estoppel.
What remains to be seen is whether LTD insurers will seek to impose a contractual limitation in a scenario where the Plaintiff is approved for two years, and subsequently denied, but unable to file suit within the applicable period of time.  It is difficult to imagine a Court enforcing a contractual limitation in a situation where the claimant is initially approved for a period of time. Nevertheless, the Heimeshoff case opens the door to such arguments. 

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